General Motors heeft een probleem en vraagt hulp via weblog

General Motors heeft een probleem en vraagt hulp via weblog

Met meer dan gemiddelde belangstelling volg ik al een tijd Fastlane, de weblog van Bob Lutz, vice chairman of General Motors (GM). Ondanks alle inspanningen die het bedrijf levert, kampt het bedrijf met een imagoprobleem:

Our launch vehicles are continuing to do well in the marketplace, and we have high hopes for the upcoming launches too, like the Saturn Sky and Aura, for example. And yet, the coverage of our financial state continues to point out our alleged lack of cars and trucks that people want. All the while more than a quarter of the vehicles sold in America are ours.

Yes, we’d like it to be more than that, no question, and we’re working hard to increase the total. But the deeper issue is this question of our image, and this perception that nobody’s interested in our products. We can and will do a better job of advertising and communications in the traditional sense, but we need to step up our non-traditional communications and word of mouth, and get our message directly to the people on a grass roots level. This blog is one example — but we need more avenues, and bigger ideas. What do you think?

Inmiddels telt het weblog meer dan 200 reacties van lezers.

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  • Ik vind dit echt een gewaagde stap! 1 van de eerste bedrijven die zich werkelijk kwetsbaar opstelt. Ik denk dat dit kenmerkend wordt voor merken.

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  • General Motors gaat verder en introduceert een nieuw blog:

    General Motors FYI Blog

    "Over the last few months we decided that we could add another blog to our portfolio; and that it could be even more grassroots, providing an opportunity for all GM employees to contribute in one way or another.

    Our hope is that this will be an effective way to spread the conversation about GM; that we can continue to get better at listening and maintaining the dialogue, and ultimately, create products and services that not only meet your needs but are truly the best.

    The FYI Blog will highlight the positive developments that occur at GM on a daily basis, though we won't shy away from controversy. Things that most of us would otherwise never hear about. Whereas the FastLane Blog usually gets new entries once or twice a week, the FYI blog aspires to be much more active. Expect to see at least a daily post, written by people throughout the organization. Here are the categories of information that the blog will feature:

    * Cool Stuff - Stories about innovations; product, technology, facilities and manufacturing
    * Our People - Profiles of GM employees and their unique jobs, careers, etc.
    * News - Good News stories, including items that you may otherwise never hear about
    * Opinions - GM op/ed pieces intended to shed light on issues in the news
    * Guest Voices - Blog entries written by third parties who are not GM employees"

    Het bloggen bevalt GM dus wel. Positieve ontwikkeling.

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