De top-10 populairste websites verschilt per onderzoeksbureau

De top-10 populairste websites verschilt per onderzoeksbureau

In de top-10 van populairste websites in Nederland staat bovenaan. Tenminste, bij onderzoeksbureau Nielsen/Netratings. Bij Multiscope voert de lijst van populairste websites aan.

Multiscope maakt gebruik van logsoftware om te meten. Deze software zit op de pc`s van meer dan 1.500 internetgebruikers. Mogelijk slaan de gebruikers, die weten dat ze worden bekeken, porno en dergelijke andere `sociaal ongewenste` pagina`s sneller over. Nielsen/Netratings publiceert ook overzichten van populairste websites in andere landen. Hieruit valt op te maken dat Nederlanders meer online bankieren dan andere landen. In de VS, Duitsland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk is het online winkelen meer ingeburgerd. Voor een site is het belangrijk een hoge plek te hebben op de ranglijst. Dit betekent meer investeringen en advertenties; bedrijven plaatsen hun banners en buttons immers graag op een veelbezochte webpagina. De top-10 van Nielsen/Netratings is als volgt:,,,,,,,, en De Multiscope top-10 omvat:,,,,,,,, en

Bron : NRC Handelsblad p. 11, 1/5 p.

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  • In nederland kun je dat elke week zien op

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  • 5/1/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Jayse, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

    I am The Lord, and I have seen that which plagues the minds of men, and how each one has turned against his own brother, how each one quarrels with his neighbor. For the heart of man has become as that of a brute beast, who roams the waste places, searching in vain for what he knows not... Lost in the vastness of these desolate fields.
    He gives heed to every corrupt thought and evil intention, entertaining many wicked spirits, as he follows after every perverse desire, embracing every strange lust. For I have indeed withdrawn My Spirit; My hand is drawn back from this wicked people, for they are most rebellious.

    Behold, I have turned to this world My back,
    That it may be left to its own devices,
    That it may follow the course it has chosen, to its own hurt...

    Therefore I must remove what little light remains,
    For the fullness of this time is about to come in, says The Lord.

    For by the word of My mouth and by the pen of My prophets, I have declared My coming, revealing the season, even all signs which shall proceed it. And according to My will are all things coming to pass; daily are they fulfilled and made plain before the eyes of this generation.
    Yet My words fall on deaf ears, and the signs of My coming go unheeded by the multitudes. For they do have eyes, but refuse to see; and ears, but refuse to hear. Therefore, it shall indeed catch them unawares. For as a thief in the night enters a house unseen, for no one keeps watch, so also will I come upon this generation... Behold I shall come in unseen, taking from them their most prized possessions, stealing away all My treasured ones. For I shall plunder and pillage the earth and I shall surely take My spoil, and leave them desolate, says The Lord.

    For the word of My mouth has went forth...

    Producing a bounty in all those who truly love Me,
    Freeing all those who embrace Me and also obey My words...

    Calling them out...

    That they might go out
    From among them and meet Me...

    That we may ascend together, says The Lord.


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