Tired of sending SMS from a miniature cellphone keypad?

20 februari 2003, 08:39

Tired of sending SMS from a miniature cellphone keypad? How about sending 25,000 personalised SMS messages, all of them addressed to a different recipient.

Until now, sending bulk SMS messages has been clumsy and inaccessible to most of us, but Clickatell seems to have solved the problem. In January, Clickatell released Messenger-PRO version 3, a desktop SMS product that sends text messages to bulk lists at the click of the button, from as little as 3.3 Euro Cent to any destination.

The savings are significant, says Clickatell?s managing director, Pieter de Villiers: ?Global SMS prices are prohibitively expensive for marketing campaigns, CRM functions, and a host of other uses. The fact that Clickatell provides reliable coverage at a fraction of the cost of a standard SMS, allows the user to communicate with his database through a painless exercise of typing a message, selecting his recipients and clicking on the send button.?

This ease of use has ensured that Clickatell has had registrations from almost 200 countries, and the company?s growth is testimony to the success of the business and its range of SMS products. Clickatell, however, not only wants to be the dominant player in the global SMS market, but has also geared itself for an aggressive localised market penetration drive.

This is to be pursued through Messenger-PRO, as the product can be branded and distributed by agents across the globe to their local markets, apart from users purchasing directly from Clickatell. Clickatell has already had numerous requests from is clients to distribute the product in specific countries.

According to De Villiers, Clickatell plays an integral role in global SMS at the moment, as it is the underlying technology or delivery agent of many global SMS players. ?Through making connections to our gateways as easy as possible, we have managed to capture a large share of global SMS volumes,? De Villiers comments. ?What is important about Messenger-PRO, however, is that we are allowing companies to resell SMS, enabling them to share in the revenues in their local market.?

Whether you want to use it for sending out a marketing message, or resell it to your own user-base, Clickatell Messenger-PRO is set to turn sending an SMS into an absolute pleasure.

Messenger-PRO can be downloaded at:


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