MSN Spaces wordt Windows Live Spaces

25 maart 2006, 16:18

Volgens een artikel in MediaPost zal MSN Spaces later dit jaar haar naam veranderen in Windows Live Spaces:

MSN intends to add new features to its blogging service and change its name from “MSN Spaces” to “Windows Live Spaces” this summer, reflecting the Redmond software giant’s plan to monetize its online offerings under the “Live” flag.

An MSN spokesman said the company will gradually add Windows Live features, rather than relaunch the site. “MSN Spaces will focus on building Windows Live innovations into a ready=for-market product, rather than shipping as a beta in the Ideas site,” the spokesman said. “MSN Spaces will seamlessly transition to Windows Live Spaces as we add new Live features to the service later this summer.”

Via: BloggersBlog

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