12,3 miljoen Podcast gebruikers in 2010 in VS

13 april 2005, 05:56

Forrester zegt: “20.1 million US households will listen to satellite radio, and 12.3 million US households will use their MP3 players to listen to audio podcasts by the end of the decade.”

Dit en meer staat te lezen in een nieuw uitgebracht rapport The Future Of Digital Audio.

”- Satellite radio reached 4.5 million subscribers by the end of 2004, up more than 150 percent from 2003. In order to grow steadily beyond 2010 ? when satellite’s prime market segment (higher-income, entertainment-oriented, technology-optimistic households) will become saturated ? satellite radio providers should consider offering multitier subscriptions to reach the more than 85 percent of US households that fall outside this wealthier, early-adopter segment.

– Online radio (streaming audio) will continue to grow as portals like AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN increase programming and traditional broadcasters move portions of their programming online, reaching 30 percent of all US households and close to 50 percent of US households with broadband by 2010.

– Podcasting, which is the newest entrant into the digital audio mix, will see significant growth by 2010 ? reaching 12.3 million households ? as MP3 adoption climbs and broadband reaches 62 percent of households.

– HD radio will bring high-definition broadcasting to AM/FM radio, offering additional programming and features like traffic information integrated with onboard navigation systems and program guides that give DVR-like control to radio. HD radio growth will lag satellite but will pick up speed as broadcasters embrace the technology and HD receivers drop in price. Forrester estimates that HD radio will reach 9.7 million US households by 2010.”

(via Micro Persuasion)

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