Online advertising industry focuses on ING campaign

21 juli 2003, 13:24

De nieuwe TV commercial van ING Direct (retailbank in VS) zal eerst op internet te zien zijn alvorens het op TV wordt vertoond. De $3 miljoen kostende campagne, ontwikkeld door het Londense bureau Bartle Bogle Hegarty, laat opnieuw zien dat bedrijven steeds meer op een andere manier naar online advertising kijken.

Update 24-7: Inc. announced Monday that ING Direct has launched its newest television commercial on CBS MarketWatch. The :30 second spot will be carried on the site’s story pages for the next two weeks, before beginning a run on network television. The commercial highlights ING Direct’s Orange Savings Account. The campaign uses’s proprietary Embedded Commercial Unit technology, which allows existing television creative to run in its entirety without the need to launch a new browser or media player. This technology also enables ING Direct to run the commercial without having to reformat it to fit online specifications. “With more than half of our 1.3 million customers reaching us at, we thought debuting the commercial online was the best way to show how easy it is to save your money with ING DIRECT,” said David Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, ING DIRECT. “We were further convinced after the results of an initial viral e-mail campaign showed that a high number of non-customers viewed the commercial. We decided then that we wanted to make it available online to a wider audience.” “ING DIRECT is a terrific partner to be blazing new ground with us in the online advertising space. This campaign will give them the ability to reach our highly-valued audience with television creative during the middle of the business day,” said Scot McLernon, EVP Sales & Marketing, “They are the first major advertiser that we’re aware of who has embraced an opportunity like this to create buzz with television creative online first, before launching on network television. It shows that they truly believe in the online medium.”

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