Mobieltje met rookdector

30 september 2003, 09:29

Een mobieltje met ingebouwde rookdetector kan honderden levens per jaar redden, aldus 2 roemeense uitvinders. Zij hebben inmiddels gesprekken met Motorola, Nokia, Siemens en Sony Ericsson gevoerd.

“The mobile phone would have a battery with sensors in it that check changes in the atmosphere. The sensors pick up and compare data, alerting the owner if there are any worrying changes. “

“The sensors can pick up on smoke, but also other toxic gases in the atmosphere like methane and carbon monoxide, according to the Romanian inventors who are based in Canada. Information about the environment is monitored and checked against data about safe levels by the mobile. If the sensors spot a change, an alert could be sounded, either by sound or flashing light. It could also be programmed to send a distress signal automatically to emergency services. Such a device could bypass the problem of absent or faulty smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in homes. Many deaths are caused because people forget to change the batteries in their detectors, but most make sure their mobiles are charged. “

(Bron: BBC)

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