Jamba maakt kennis met de kracht van weblogs

20 december 2004, 20:35

Jamba maakt kennis met de kracht van weblogsIn Duitsland is grote ophef ontstaan over een uit de hand gelopen PR-actie van Jamba. Nadat weblog Spreeblick een kritisch bericht plaatste over de ‘ringtone-jongens’ van Jamba, namen tal van weblogs (zie ook blogstats.de) het bericht al snel over. Tijd dus voor Jamba om te reageren. Maar in plaats van een officieel standpunt in te nemen, storten een aantal Jamba-medewerkers zich undercover in de discussie en plaatsen op diverse weblogs tegenreacties. Het is duidelijk dat Jamba onbekend is met het fenomeen weblogs en het feit dat van reacties op weblogs het IP-adres wordt vastgelegd. Het duurt dan ook niet lang voordat de blogosfeer het spel van Jamba doorheeft. De hel breekt los en Jamba wordt niet alleen in de blogosfeer voor schut gezet maar ook op diverse Duitse fora (o.a. openbc) en vakbladen (o.a. W&V) met alle gevolgen van dien:

Während die unkoordinierten Blog-Beitr?ge von der professionellen Unternehmens-PR gew?hnlich schlicht ignoriert werden, hat das ‘Friendly Fire’ der Jamba-Mitarbeiter die Stimmung derart aufgeheizt, dass der urspr?ngliche Artikel inzwischen auf Position vier erscheint, wenn bei der Suchmaschine Google der Firmenname eingegeben wird ? bei der Bedeutung von Google eine kommunikationskatastrophe.

Ben benieuwd of het weblog-belletje inmiddels is afgegaan bij Jamba!

Marco Derksen
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    vandenbossche brenda

    Geachte,ik probeer op allerlei manieren in contact te komen met jullie omtrent het feit dat jullie echte bandieten zijn!!!!Jullie hebben mijn dochtertje al 4 gsm kaarten afhandig gemaakt en nog nooit heeft ze ook maar 1 beltoontje ontvangen.Schandalig is het.Ondanks het feit dat we haar verschillende malen hebben uitgeschreven blijven jullie haar geld afhandig maken.Wij eisen het geld terug.Nog liever vandaag dan morgen.Het kind haar gsm is voor in geval van nood an als jullie constant geld afhalen kan dit niet eens .Willen jullie verantwoordelijk zijn op het moment dat ze iets gebeurt en ze door jullie bandietenstreken niet eens kan bellen.Wij hebben vorige week een nieuwe kaart gekocht voor het kind en ze heeft niet één berichtje of telefoontje kunnen doen met die 15 euro.Schandalig is het.Ze groeien niet op onze rug.U hebt ons email adres om jullie te verantwoorden en af te spreken hoe jullie het geld zullen terug storten.Ik zal het hier in elk geval niet bij laten!!Reken daar maar op. Wij zelf kunnen niet anders dan een ander telefoonnummer aan te vragen .Deze kosten zullen we dus ook aan jullie aanrekenen.

    Hopelijk hebben jullie de eerlijkheid om op dit mailtje te reageren of het adres en telefoonnummer en eventueel hoe we met de juiste persoon om tot een deftige oplossing te komen,want dat zal zeker moeten…

    22 juni 2005 om 11:58
    tom debruyn

    kutbedrijfje, ze viseren de zwaksten in de maatschappij om het geld uit hun zakken te rammelen, kan de overheid daartegen echt geen initiatief starten??? SCHANDALIG dat dit zo kan blijven doorgaan!

    8 augustus 2005 om 13:28
    marc westhkufes

    The truth about Jamster, Ilove and the greedy Samwer-Multimillionaires

    Who is behind Jamster-Ilove?

    Behind Jamster is the cunning Samwer-Clan, a filthy rich family from a highbred suburb of Cologne, Germany. The clan is led by Sigmar Juergen Samwer, a former lawyer. The old teached his sons Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer business methods on the border of legality, by which they should become immensely wealthy within short time. They accepted each means for this purpose. It all began in 1999. As the 3 moneygrubbing Samwer-sons had no own creative business ideas they just imitated the business principle of the US company Ebay in Germany. They sold their imitation-entreprise which they named “Alando” already after 2 months to the US-Ebay for many millions. Thus they were suddenly Euro-multimillionaires. Laden with loot they enjoyed the delights of fast wealthiness at first, then they developped a new ingenious plan: to withdraw children and youths that are contractually not capable or only in a reduced extent money for ringtones, by suggesting them in the advertisements to order a single ringtone, while they are foisted extremely expensive subscription-contracts/ premium sms in reality. The old, Sigmar Jürgen, was immediately enthusiastic and let his sons give him a fruitful position as member of the supervisory board of the new company that was named Jamba (in Germany, Jamster in the UK and in the USA). Meanwhile he has retired due to reasons of age and is enjoying now a very pleasant evening of life in his chic mansion in Cologne, Germany. He is very thankful to all british and american mothers and fathers that are financing his retirement by their honestly acquired money. To approach the dough of the youths, the Samwers decided in the family council: this is only possible where parents don´t watch over their childs, on music channels, by massive and obtrusive TV-spots. The rich Samwers engaged advertising experts to create an unreadable character height and strange advertising formulations to disguise that the matter were cost-intensive contracts with unlimited duration. These methods that were strongly criticized by jurists caused that hundreds of Millions went from youths to Jamster. Numerous children that had abandoned unnecessary phone calls and SMS to maintain credits on their prepaid cards were fooled by the cunning Jamster methods and lost their complete pocket money.

    See here some of the slippery Jamster tricks, for which the rich Samwers are celebrated in some gossip rags as “succesful and dynamic young businessmen” – but many parents just think that the Samwers are nothing but despiteful cheaters:

    6 december 2005 om 17:25
    marc westhkufes

    Extensive technical pre-adjustments (WAP-installations) on the mobile phone are required for the reception of expensive Jamster services: whoever is ordering a costly ringtone with wrong wap-installations cannot receive anything. The customer might think in this situation: No service, no costs, I don´t have to pay anything.-But the greedy Samwer-Multimillionaires say: You are wrong, customer! We delivered an expensive ringtone to you after your order. You are to blame for the wrong installations on your mobile phone. Now we want your money. Give it to us!

    The enormously rich Samwer boys try astutely to hamper the detection of the cost-intensive Jamster contracts (premium sms) with unlimited duration by the concerned customers too: the high Jamster fees are not indicated on the first page of the mobile phone bill, but behind, hidden amidst the SMS. When someone is not controlling each single asset of the bill carefully, it is very easy to lose sight of expensive Jamster fees. The megarich Samwers are pleased twofold then: because a customer that does not detect his cost-intensive Jamster contracts with unlimited duration has to pay for a long future firstly, and secondly does not use his expensive subscription of which he is not aware neither, so that Jamster must not deliver any services. Jamster argues that the mere keeping ready of services for alleged cheap download would justify to charge a client that does not order one single service within his expensive subscription the same high fees like another client that is ordering all possible services within the expensive subscription. – In practice we can assume that an entreprise will have less expenses with a customer that does not order anything, and that this factor should result in reduced fees too. But the money-hungry Samwer Multimillionaires do not want to accept such facts.

    After the german telecommunication law has been aggravated, the Samwer clan ist not allowed any longer to use unreadable micro-letters in its TV-spots – many thanks, dear politicians! The Samwer Multimillionnaires are pouting hence, and they refuse until the present day to indicate the necessity of the complicated WAP-preadjustments in their advertisements.

    Just like the first imitation-company Alando the pecunious Samwer-Clan did meanwhile sell Jamba/ Jamster too to a very rich US-company, here Verisign.

    One day while counting their net profits the Samwer-Multimillionaires had the following idea due to their education at expensive german and international private universities that was paid by father Sigmar Juergen: outside of Germany children that are contractually not capable or only in a reduced extent get pocket money too which will be very useful for the Samwer-Family! – Thus they expanded the astute Jamster methods on the business inexperienced children in numerous other nations. Everywhere the complaints of parents and consumer protection agencies accumulate.

    6 december 2005 om 17:29
    marc westhkufes

    Numerous children who had to experience empty prepaid cards after unreckoned Jamster rip off stood at the bus stop and cried despairingly with tears running over their faces, because they had missed the bus and could not phone their parents anymore to fetch them. But this does not disturb the immensely wealthy Jamster-bosses at all. The brats are still able to make a free emergency call for the police, if a child abuser would pop up. Alexander, Oliver, Marc (he himself is already father) – don´t you feel ashamed at all???The expensive dating website Ilove (www.ilove.co.uk) ist run by Jamster too. There you find umpteen pics of horny girls. But behind many profiles there is not a woman who is honestly searching for a nice partner, but hoggish offerors of expensive telephone-sex-numbers or other value-added-services with extreme high costs. Each person (thus offerors of expensive telephone-sex-numbers too) can insert as many faked female profiles as he wants to, as this is cost free. With many Ilove-Photos you see at first glance that they are taken out from television or movies. Real professional offerers of telephone-sex-numbers do have more sophisticated methods of course to pretend that their profiles are honest and romantic, to cozen simple-hearted men – as nobody will respond to explicit vulgar insertions.

    The cost-performance-ratio at Ilove is constantly becoming crappier: In 2004 men could write as many answers as they wanted to at 2,49 Euro a week, meanwhile Ilove claims immense 4,99 Euro weekly, but allows only 30 answers a day. Better go into night life, boys, there you´ll be finding real and sweet girls. (Annotation: Figures for Germany)

    How can I avoid the Jamster / Ilove trap or come out of it in a safe way? Here you find the instructions:

    1. Demand a locking of your telephone number for expensive Jamster-Ilove-Services with immediate effect

    Call the expensive Hotline 0870 121 3186 (UK) or 866856 (USA) or dial the telephone number of the Jamster-Ilove Headquarter in Berlin, Germany 0049 30 69 538 – 0 (phone extension 312 Mister Mirko Rehbein) or send an email to [email]reklamation@jamba.net[/email]

    Following the informations of many customers Mr Rehbein is the responsible person for payments of compensation to Jamster-Ilove-Victims. The expensive Hotlines are rolled off to the company SNT AG Potsdam and Berlin, Germany, chairman of the board Stefan M. Knoll; SNT is notorious for its aggressive telephone pushers for raffle tickets – they phone nice grannies with low pension and ring off only when the granny has coughed up her bank details for the SNT debiting – an adequate partner for the Jamster Multimillionaires.

    Demand in angry manner a cost free locking of your mobile phone number for the following costly services: Jamba, Jamster, Ringtoneking, Ojom, Citydate, Handyfrosch, Mload and Ilove.

    6 december 2005 om 17:32
    marc westhkufes

    Demand a written confirmation of the locking and its duration. (Usually Jamster-Ilove does only lock for 6 months. Just prolong your locking afterwards!) Demand a locking for all the phone numbers in your family! Then the Jamster-Ilove rip-off goes into vacuousness!2. If you or your children did already experience Jamster-Ilove rip-off: Demand a refund of the complete sums:

    Send a letter to the following address:

    Jamba/ Ilove GmbH

    Rechtsabteilung Kundenservice

    Pfuelstraße 5

    10997 Berlin


    Enclose the following documents: a cover letter, copies of the concerned telephone bills and a declaration that the phone number is one of a prepaid card with a certain network provider respectively, a copy of your identity card, your bank details (for the reimbursement). The Samwer-Multimillionaires want this complicated procedure because they hope that some lazy customers will abandon a compensation of their high Jamster fees then.

    Always use the following powerful arguments:

    a. I declare under reference to the judgment of the Supreme Court of Vienna, Austria,

    RS U OGH 2003/05/27 1 Ob 244/02t, that a third person did order a Jamster-Ilove-Service

    without my consent and that thus this order is legally ineffective.

    This significant court decision establishes that a separate consent of the owner of the telephone mainlines is required for the legal effect of the expensive Jamster-Ilove-Contract, and that the owner IS NOT LIABLE for costly Jamster-Ilove-Orders, even when he commits the telephone to another person voluntarily!Thus Jamster-Ilove can not counter that someone who is giving his mobile phone a third person (children, relatives, fellow worker etc.) to use it for telephone calls would be liable to each use of the phone (e.g. the enormous high Jamster-Ilove fees) by this third person. Even when you loose your mobile phone in the street and a stranger abuses it for expensive Jamster-Ilove-Orders, YOU DON´T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING to the new-rich Samwer-Clan according to this wise sentence. It is only a question of time until british, american and other national Courts will confirm this important conviction of a Supreme Court!

    6 december 2005 om 17:33
    marc westhkufes

    Additionally use the following strong argument:

    b. I declare that my underage child is contractually not capable (or contractually capable only in a lower degree) and that I do explicitely not consent to the contract that was concluded by my child with Jamster-Ilove.

    Legal Transactions of minors are legally ineffective without the consent of the parents, according to the famous expert for criminal law Udo Vetter in Duesseldorf, Germany

    (www.lawblog.de). Jamster-Ilove-Orders done by minors are as long legally ineffective until the parents have agreed to them.

    Jamster-Ilove likes to make excuses in this point. In Germany Jamster tells that § 119 German Civil Code (so called “pocket money article”) would allow children to spend a few Euro for ringtones. For customers in the UK and in the USA they will probably refer to another comparable article. But the filthy stinking rich Samwer-Boys forget one important thing:

    § 119 German Civil Code refers to small singular legal transactions like the purchase of a chocolate bar, a cinema ticket, a CD etc. The german laws interdict children and youths well to conclude longterm contracts. A child is not allowed to conclude a subscription for a magazine nor a contract for a mobile phone. But such contracts have many advantages in comparison to expensive Jamster contracts: a signature is required for the conclusion, the customer is handed out a written escrow with general terms and conditions, the duration is limited.

    And now consider Jamster-Ilove-Contracts: These are cost-intensive contracts without signature, without escrow, with unlimited duration, furthermore they can arise without any service (ringtone, e.g. Crazy Frog)-reception on the mobile phone (in case of wrong WAP-installations), and they effect the full high costs even in case of total disuse (when no single service within the expensive subscription is ordered). – Do the greedy Jamster-Samwer-Multimillionnaires really think, that the legislator does allow an innocent child to conclude such a contract???

    Experiences of aggrieved Jamster-Ilove-Customers have shown, that it is advisable to claim the payment of compensation in an angry manner and to threaten with actions of a lawyer and of media (especially TV channels) if needed.

    Do always demand a written confirmation of all expensive services that were ever ordered by your phone number concerning Jamba, Jamster, Ringtoneking, Ojom, Citydate, Handyfrosch, Mload and Ilove. Demand this for all the phone numbers in your family. Demand a detailed list of all costs and a complete restitution of all sums of money. The refund will (regrettably) be done by bank transfer.

    Mostly Jamster-Ilove offers in case of complaints primarily to compensate ONLY A PART of the disprofits or to create “virtual Jamster credits” that customers shall use for other costly orders.

    6 december 2005 om 17:35
    marc westhkufes

    But you don´t have to settle for a partial refund nor for queer virtual credits for Jamster-Stuff! Demand always self-consciously and in angry manner the restitution of ALL amounts without any gap!

    Did Jamster-Ilove remunerate you in the past already a part of your high Jamster fees, while you had to pay the rest? – Demand now an additional retroactive restitution of the lacking sums! Just search for your old telephone bills and calculate, how much money you had to shell out to the Samwer-Multimillionaires despite of the first partial refund. Call Jamster-Ilove as described above (in refer to the sentence of the Supreme Court of Austria RS U OGH 2003/05/27 1 Ob 244/02t and because of orders by minors) to restitute the complete lacking sums retroactively! Attorney Udo Vetter states on this, that Jamster is obliged to restitute all sums retroactively in case of contracts that require a supplementary consent (of the parents), even when the incident occured months or even years ago! Fetch back your hard-earned money from the greedy hands of the super-rich Samwer-Multimillionnaires!

    Demand additionally a cost-free locking of all phone numbers in your family for expensive Jamster-Ilove-Services as described above.

    In case of further questions just contact the next consumer advice centre or your legal protection insurance. They know there already how they have to speak with the voracious Samwers.

    The business methods of Jamster-Ilove on the border of legality are increasingly denounced in media. Even in the very famous german TV-show “Stern TV” with Guenther Jauch there was an enlightening report in April 2005: The Multimillionaires Alexander, Oliver and Marc Samwer did not dare to go into public and to take responsibility for their business. They forwarded the fussed Markus Berger de Leon as representative and watched in their safe home on the couch what the mentally overstrained Berger de Leon launched out. Extremely nervous to be in television and lacking any legally vindicable argument, Berger de Leon was nothing but stammering confused stuff. When the versed attorney Udo Vetter (www.lawblog.de) was telling him in a two fisted way that Jamster contracts with underage persons are juridically effectless, Berger de Leon almost started to blubber. He was immediately afraid of loosing his juicy Jamster-Ilove-Salary.

    6 december 2005 om 17:36

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