Gawker verliest een van zijn key adverteerders

25 februari 2005, 10:07

CheapTickets komt tot de conclusie dat Gawker’s nieuwe reisblog Gridskipper, te grof is in haar taalgebruik en stopt derhalve met het adverteren op de weblog. CheapTickets was exclusieve sponsor van Gridskipper. Nick Denton, uitgever van Gawker Media, weigerde zich specifiek uit te laten over CheapTickets maar zei hierover wel het volgende:

“We’d rather lose the occasional advertiser than the character that attracts the audience in the first place. If an advertiser wants a safe environment, there are thousands of tired media outlets to choose from. Weblogs are supposed to be unexpected and wincingly frank. That’s an essential part of the appeal to a generation that’s turning away from network television and print media. We had a million visitors to our sites on Tuesday alone.”

Bron: PRWeek

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