Email marketing blijft stabiel in Q2 2003

1 september 2003, 17:50

Volgens DoubleClick zijn de open rates (aantal emails dat wordt geopend na ontvangst) en de click-through rates (aantal doorkliks vanuit de email) in het afgelopen kwartaal stabiel gebleven met resp. 38,8% en 8,3%.

DoubleClick have found that open rates averaged 38.8 percent, a 3.2 percent increase from a year earlier and virtually unchanged from the first quarter. Click-through rates were 8.3 percent, a 10.7 percent increase from the year-ago period and 7 percent lower than in the first quarter. Delivery rates remained mostly unchanged at 88.5 percent with bounce rates declining for the third straight quarter. On average, DoubleClick saw orders per email delivered coming in at 0.29 percent versus 0.25 percent a year earlier. The average order size, however, decreased 4.1 percent to $98.48 from $102. DoubleClick collected the data from the more than 2 billion marketing emails it sent out for clients during the quarter.


Marco Derksen
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