Een miljoen mobile tickets verkocht

11 januari 2003, 09:54

Het in Finland zeer succesvolle mobile ticketing concept (recentelijk nog uitgeroepen tot mobile service van het jaar 2002), heeft inmiddels geresulteerd tot meer dan een miljoen verkochte tickets.

Helsinki City Transport Company together with mobile service provider Plusdial Ltd offers the passengers in Helsinki City metro, trams and ferry traffic a unique new way of purchasing tickets. The system called Mobile Ticketing has been a great success: one million sold tickets magic limit was broken on December 30th 2002 and the sales are still steadily growing and have exceeded all estimates. A single adult ticket can be ordered in Helsinki metro, trams and ferry traffic by sending an SMS message to a short number server. The ticket is then received as a return SMS message in just a few seconds. According to a survey carried out last fall 92% of the users gave excellent rating to the service.


Marco Derksen
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