E-Mail Click-Throughs Climb in Q3

26 november 2002, 15:03

According to the Q3 Email Trend Report from DoubleClick, average click-through rates (CTR) for e-mail campaigns grew to 6.13% in Q3 from 4.85% in the previous quarter. DoubleClick notes that this year’s Q3 average is on par with the average click-through rate during the same quarter last year.


DoubleClick bases its reports on over 2 billion e-mails sent by over 100 global clients using DoubleClick’s DARTmail e-mail delivery system and also notes that of all its different customers, those in the publisher-consumer audience industry claimed the highest click-through rates with 11.3% in Q3. Clients in the consumer products and services group claimed the next-highest CTR with 10%. DoubleClick notes that the average for the quarter was 8.5%.


DoubleClick also notes that the industry with the highest bounce-back rates in Q3 was the business products and services industry, with a rate of 16.5%. This nonetheless compares favorably to its Q2 bounce-back rate of 19%.

Different kinds of e-mail campaigns will yield different kinds of results. An August 2002 study from Harte-Hanks determined that at their best, general marketing B2B e-mail campaigns can yield CTRs of 25%, but at their worst they can yield CTRs of 0.2%. It is important to note that Harte-Hanks studied 700 permission-based campaigns primarily for the telecom and technology sectors.


Meanwhile, in May 2002 Opt-in news surveyed 200 media buyers and determined that the average business-to-consumer (B2C) e-mail CTR this year will be 1.2%, and the average CTR of B2B e-mails will be slightly higher at 2.3%.




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