ComScore komt met breedbandcijfers VS

24 maart 2004, 08:34

ComScore Networks analyseeerde de breedband-penetratiegraad voor de VS (op lokaal en nationaal niveau). VS kent inmiddels een breedbandpenetratie van 36%.

ComScore Networks today released an analysis of broadband penetration at both the national and local market levels based on consumer behavior in the fourth quarter of 2003. comScore?s research revealed that San Diego has become the first metropolitan market in which a majority of Internet users connected to the Web through a broadband connection rather than a narrowband service. Further, the analysis found that among the largest 50 markets, San Diego, Boston and New York led the nation in the usage of broadband connections.

At the national level, 36 percent of online users accessed the Web through a high-speed connection in the fourth quarter of 2003, up 2 points from 34 percent in the third quarter. Comcast holds the dominant position in the broadband market, providing access to approximately 19 percent of broadband users and 7 percent of all online users. SBC, the country?s largest DSL provider, accounts for 11 percent of consumer broadband connections and 6 percent of total ISP subscriptions. Not surprisingly, AOL continues to supply Internet access (narrowband and broadband) to more Americans than any other provider, with a 28 percent share.


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