Bill French over de toekomt van RSS

28 november 2004, 19:08

Bill French (Information Age):

In 1994, if someone told you that in 10 years there would be just shy of a billion Internet users, more than 100 billion Web pages, and trillions of dollars of commerce based on a globally connected network, you might have thought the person insane. It was difficult to imagine then, as it is difficult to imagine now, that more than 100 billion RSS feeds will emerge in the next six years. It is difficult to imagine a different model of search where information (that you really want) searches for you. It’s difficult to imagine anything as geeky as RSS (i.e., machine-code in a URL) impacting non-technical users in every aspect of information and their daily personal and business lives. But it was difficult to envision a Web page 10 years ago.

Bron: The RSS Weblog

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