Justin Timberlake betreedt de social TV arena met Myspace TV

20 januari 2012, 06:31

Timberlake, deels eigenaar van Myspace zet zijn zinnen op de ontwikkeling van Myspace TV. Op de CES heeft hij het nieuwe sociale platform om samen met vrienden in real-time TV te kijken, aangekondigd. Myspace TV werkt samen met Panasonic en haar Viera Connect platform.

Timberlake zei:

“It feels like forever ago that we’d all get together around the set and watch the Cosbys. Along the way, TV stopped being a shared experience, and just became something you consume whenever you have a minute alone. But the problem is that people want to share and talk about what’s happening with their favourite shows and characters. Myspace is all about creating an experience where people can connect to what they’re passionate about and connect with each other based on that shared love.”

Expertreviews.co.uk vervolgt:

”MySpace TV will provide an app for Panasonic customers, allowing them to tap into the channels provided and use the social networking features.

It’s planned that the service will launch with music (the social network has a catalogue of more than 42million songs and 100,000 music videos to use), although news sports and reality TV will all come online.

Content will come from a variety of providers, including on-demand services and real-time broadcast networks.”

Venturebeat meldt:

“MyspaceTV is an over-the-top social television service that brings an entirely new dimension to the TV experience you’re familiar with today,” said Tim Vanderhook, the chief executive of Myspace, onstage at Panasonic’s press conference. Vanderhook and his brother, Chris Vanderhook, are the founders of Specific Media, the company that acquired Myspace from News Corp. for $35 million in mid-2011. News Corp. had originally purchased Myspace from its founders in 2005 for $580 million.”

Myspace TV blijft Myspace

Alhoewel de “Social entertainment experience across all devices” klantpropositie is, blijft het Myspace. Dat will zeggen de uitdagingen met bereik, interactie en gebruikers interesse. Zal Myspace TV in staat zijn om kijkers te trekken en te kunnen concurreren in de gefragmenteerde social TV industrie? Facebook heeft de userbase en is bezig met entertainment proposities, Myspace TV moet wel erg sterk uit de hoek komen om deze switch te forceren. Wat denk jij?

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    Oh ik ga meteen vragen of al mijn vrienden ook een Panasonic TV willen kopen …

    20 januari 2012 om 08:23

    Een hashtag gebruiken en lullen op twitter is een stuk makkelijker…….

    20 januari 2012 om 12:21

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