Capgemini Consulting: Cocreatie Beyond the Hype 2011

25 maart 2011, 10:00

“When a word is used too many times a year and the context in which the word is used broadens in every article, it is very likely that the management community develops a sort of immunity. There are multiple examples of management terminology being coined as fast as falling out of favor.” Out of favor, uit de mode, uit de smaak. Zou inderdaad zomaar eens kunnen zijn, dat dit bovenstaande inmiddels opgang maakt voor co-creatie. Om die reden hebben ze bij Capgemini Consulting (februari 2011) een survey uitgezet onder managers uit de FEM500 naar de inzet van co-creatie. Hieronder de resultaten in vogelvlucht, met kekke modellen, natuurlijk.

Koen Klokgieters schrijft ter inleiding en context:

“As we see the world now, co-creation is here to stay. No matter what you would like to fit in the definition, co-creation is the result of a broad and irreversible shift in the society and corporate culture. During the growth to maturity we wonder what is left beyond the hype. What is the essence of co-creation? Which forms of co-creation proved to be most beneficial for the initiators and participants? Which processes are most suitable for ‘outsourcing to the crowd’?”

Resultaten uit survey

Uit het rapport:

“The survey shows that 70% of the respondents expect revenues from co-creation to rise in the coming years, indicating the opportunities and high expectations the respondents have of cocreation initiatives within their organization. Although the respondents have high expectations from cocreation, only 25% indicate that they proactively and continuously involve customers in the design and development of new products or services. If most respondents expect

increased revenues due to cocreation, why have only 25% started implementing it? Although there is a high level of willingness to co-create, organizations have to deal with barriers which place constraints on their ability to achieve their co-creation goals.”

Model 1

Model 2

Rapport: Cocreatie Beyond the Hype

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