You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing

11 december 2008, 17:25

Kreeg net van collegablogger Ailko Faber de tip om eens te kijken naar You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing, een prachtige muziekvideo waarin HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss zingt over het verschrikkelijke leven van een outbound markteer:

If I make one more call

I might go punch a wall.

No one understands

That this doesn’t work.

They hang up cause I’m a creep.

The mail I send they don’t read.

They always find a way to

Ignore me.

I’m interrupting their lives

So they threaten me with knives.

I didn’t think that marketing was like torture.

Cause the calls, direct mail

TV ads, they all fail.

And they aren’t getting me anywhere. They don’t work.


And every time I try to sell

‘Didja know that I’m told I should go to hell?

Then I cry. Then I cry.

And you wonder why.

I want leads

To come to me.

Fix our SEO

Get some inbound links.


Let’s get blogging.

Why don’t we just use inbound marketing?

You. You. You. Oughta know.

Get my page rank up.

Tag my content.

Fix my landing page.

Let them come to me.

Now I can blog I can tweet

Publish things you will read.

Won’t have to bug you in the middle of dinner.

Google me organically

Search results one two and three.

You need my products? Uh huh. Yeah you’ll find me.

Cause the calls, direct mail

TV ads, they all failed.

And they weren’t getting me anywhere. They don’t work.


And every time I tried to sell

‘Didja know I was told I should go to hell.

Then I cried. Then I cried.

And you wondered why.

Now my leads

They come to me

Fixed our SEO

Got some inbound links


Now we’re blogging

Thank god now we use inbound marketing.

You. You. You. Oughta know.

Op de weblog van Hubspot kun je naast de video en songtekst ook diverse mp3-bestanden vinden om zelf een remix te maken van het muzieknummer. Prachtig gedaan!

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    Ja erg leuk idee 🙂 Uitvoering wat minder en nogal Amerikaans 😉

    11 december 2008 om 20:17

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    12 juli 2016 om 06:36

Marketingfacts. Elke dag vers. Mis niks!