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15 maart 2007, 20:12

Degrees of Credibility

De rapporten vliegen me vandaag om de oren. Ook Avenue A | Razorfish heeft deze week haar jaarlijkse Digital Outlook Report gepubliceerd. Het 140-pagina tellende rapport ‘Digital Outlook Report 2007’ (pdf) beschrijft de belangrijkste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van online marketing. Naast een terugblik over 2006 (waar is het online marketingbudget naar toe gegaan), geeft het rapport de belangrijkste online marketingtrends en sluit het af met 5 punten die iedere marketeer over digital marketing behoort te weten in 2007:

1. Your Web site is like everything and nothing you’ve ever known

Your Web site is the central expression of your company’s brand. It’s a product showcase and a customer service center. It’s your company’s most profitable store and your best communications tool. It’s an information hub. It’s a testing ground for new ideas. It’s the place where different people from different places with different needs have an experience that’s tailored just for them. At least it should be.

2. Distribution will trump destination

As it becomes harder to get people to come to a content site, it becomes critical to distribute your content where they already go. You’re seeing MTV distribute content on Google Video (and across the Google AdSense network of sites); ABC, among many others, making its shows available on iTunes; CBS putting shows on YouTube; and Time Inc. distributing content on Brightcove. All have realized that building destination sites alone simply won’t do. Get ready for Fragmentation Nation—content will be syndicated so far and wide, it will make cable television look positively concentrated.

3. Accountability will rule the day

In the past, a competitive review, a dated research report, or a finger in the wind was enough to pull together and measure a marketing plan. Online advertising changed everything; Pandora’s Box was opened, and it contained metrics, sales, and accountability. There is no going back. Other media channels will adapt, or they will see ad dollars slowly drift away.

4. Today’s web is in its “uncle milty” stage

More than 50 years ago, Milton Berle’s television programs captivated the country. While incredibly popular and important in TV’s history, the experience of a grainy black-and-white program pales in comparison to the TiVo-driven HD world that we can experience today. We’re about to see the same type of change online. Today’s Web is dominated by text and static images. Tomorrow’s Web will be a high-speed, personalized, video-laden, go-anywhere, view-anything, use-any-device experience. Whether AJAX, Second Life, YouTube, or Windows Vista, there are a host of developments that, in total, will fundamentally change the way we use the Web.

5. The consumer is not in control

This might be a surprise, because the notion of “consumer control” is widely accepted. But you still control your brands. You decide what products are launched. You implement customer service policies. You price your products. However, you are now dealing with an “activist consumer” who has a voice, and it can be a loud one. These consumers expect to have things on their terms—what they want and when they want it. They assume that if you can’t provide what they need, your competitor will. They are well informed, researching their purchases as a matter of course. They have embraced social media, and sharing their experiences and opinions in a public way is the norm. They may not be in control, but if you ignore these activist consumers, chances are you won’t be in control much longer, either.


Digital Outlook Report 2007

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