Google en eBay tekenen meerjarig samenwerkingscontract

28 augustus 2006, 10:13

Vanmiddag is bekend geworden dat Google en eBay een meerjarig samenwerkingscontract hebben getekend (met dank aan de tips van Paul en Mathijs). Volgens het persbericht wordt Google buiten de VS de exclusieve aanbieder van tekstadvertenties voor eBay. Daarnaast zullen Google en eBay gezamenlijk de “click-to-call”-advertentiefunctionaliteit (o.a. op basis van Google Talk en Skype), verder uitwerken en implementeren.

In Nederland zaten Automatiseringsgids en Webwereld boven op het nieuws en wisten binnen een uur na het verschijnen van het persbericht de samenwerking al te melden.

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    Ik zag het inderdaad vanmiddag op Google, waar een analist van RBS (de bank van Google en Ebay) uitleg gaf.

    Nog een artikel van

    Google sets ad deal with eBay

    Search giant to supply Web search ads overseas, as well as ‘click-to-call’ links.

    August 28 2006: 7:08 AM EDT

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) — Google Inc. will supply eBay Inc with Web search advertising outside the United States, and the two will join forces on “click-to-call” ads that link online shoppers to customer service operators, the companies said Monday.

    EBay (Charts) said that for international online text advertising it had agreed to rely exclusively on Google instead of existing partner Yahoo Inc (Charts), which in May struck a parallel deal to handle all of eBay’s U.S. ads.

    The eBay contract is part of a string of deals this month for Google. It previously said it planned to begin testing an ad-supported Web video syndication system with Viacom’s MTV Networks. It also struck a deal to supply ads to MySpace users and other Web properties of News Corp. (Charts)

    “This (latest deal with eBay) in fact is the most important of these areas,” Google (Charts) Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in a phone interview.

    “You can now see Google’s strategy in each of these new markets,” Schmidt said of MTV Web video, the MySpace community and eBay e-commerce partnerships. “These are very large businesses for us. I don’t know what rate they will grow at.”

    Separately, on Sunday, Google said it was moving beyond search and advertising into the business software market, starting with a set of Web programs for e-mail, scheduling and communications. It plans to add additional programs later.

    Financial terms for components of the deal involve revenue sharing, but the companies did not disclose specific details. EBay said it did not expect the Google agreement to have a material impact on its financial results in 2006 or 2007.

    EBay increasingly depends on paid search advertising to drive bidders to its auctions and sales. Its new pacts seek to make it easier for buyers to search for items for sale on eBay, while being careful not to offend sellers with competing ads.

    Through its deal with Yahoo, Whitman said eBay had already begun testing ads that appear when U.S. customers fail to locate what they want on an eBay auction search.

    The Google pact expands this to international sites.

    If and when eBay sellers become more comfortable seeing ads alongside their listings, eBay plans to expand the number of pages where Yahoo or Google ads may appear, she said.

    Phoning web customer search

    The companies said they will jointly offer “click-to-call” advertising using the respective instant message and Web phone-calling services of the two companies – eBay’s globally popular Skype and Google’s own nascent Google Talk service.

    Click-to-call is where advertising merges into e-commerce. It allows potential buyers to click on Web-phone ad links and talk directly to sellers or their representatives.

    The technique is seen as a promising way to reach merchants or advertisers who may not have a Web site, or who rely on Yellow Pages telephone directories to find possible customers.

    “The vast majority of businesses still serve customers via the phone,” eBay Chief Executive Meg Whitman said in a joint interview with Google’s CEO. “This is the online equivalent.”

    “Google and eBay are uniquely positioned to make this market a reality,” she added.

    EBay is the world’s dominant provider of online auctions. It has also signed up more than 100 million users worldwide for its Skype message and Web phone-calling service. Google has a leading position in Web search and associated ad technologies.

    EBay said it would soon offer Skype users the option to download the Google Toolbar, which has quick links to Google services, especially Web search. The two will explore making Skype and Google Talk work together for text chats and to help make users aware when users of the other service are online.

    28 augustus 2006 om 21:49

    Die had ik lelijk over het hoofd gezien. Excusez!

    29 augustus 2006 om 06:33

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