Werkt direct mail?

25 juni 2003, 16:35

Werkt direct mail en hoe verhoudt het zich ten op zichte van zoekmachine marketing, webads, e-mail en pop-up ads?

The 2003 Customer Focus study from Vertis indicates that the number of US adults who respond to direct mail advertising has grown since 2001 from 34% to a current 46%. Vertis also notes that among younger baby boomers—those born between 1956 and 1964—49% respond to direct mail, rising from 36% in 2001.


Vertis surveyed 2,000 adults, age 26 and older, in May. The marketing firm notes that adults respond to direct mail through the mail, the telephone, in-person or a Web site.

Interestingly, PlanetFeedback.com recently found that 31% if US consumers say they are annoyed by direct mail advertising, while just 21% say they trust direct mailings.


Despite what consumers say about direct mail, it must be a successful vehicle, as 36% of marketers in the US told PROMO magazine they concentrated most of their 2002 budget to the medium.




Marco Derksen
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