Search Engines’ Influence on Shopping

11 maart 2003, 21:55

DoubleClick reports that in December 2002, 41% of US consumers reached a site they used to research a purchase by using a search engine. WebSideStory estimates that 35.6% of Net users arrived at their desired sites last month by using search engines.

DoubleClick reports that 41% of US online buyers say that they find the Web sites they use to research a purchase by using search engines, while 28% guess the site’s URL and 13% respond to online ads.


DoubleClick developed a questionnaire with Beyond Interactive/Grey Worldwide for the survey of 2,000 US consumers conducted by Greenfield Online in December 2002.

WebSideStory reported last month that the number of people arriving at desired Web sites by using search engines or Web links has dropped from 51.9% in February 2001 to 35.6% in February 2003.


Though WebSideStory has determined that the number is slipping, the amount of Internet users reaching their desired site with search engines is still significant. And according to DoubleClick, even more are using search engines to find Web sites they can use to research a specific product or service.


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