Search Engine Facts

24 november 2002, 17:44

Which search engines should you register with? Search Engine Watch says (Oct. 2002) the most used engines are (in descending order): Google, Yahoo, Overture, DMOZ (ODP), Inktomi, LookSmart, Teoma, AltaVista, and All the Web (FAST). Note that Overture is a for-pay engine, and that, unless you pay, it is extremely hard to get listed with Yahoo.

Should you use

to help search engines find your site? Search Engine Watch says NO, reporting (Oct. 2002) that only one major crawler-based search engine, Inktomi, uses this tag. This author suggests, however, that you continue using it, if only as self-documentation to list keywords which should appear in the page content.

Want to help the search engines to find your sites? Check out Search Engine Watch, Search Engine World, and Search Engine Showdown.

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