Online adverteren verhoogt offline verkoop tot 12.5%

28 maart 2004, 06:12

MSN publiceerde afgelopen maand de resultaten van een cross-media studie in de VS waarbij Procter & Gamble, Nestle en Kraft betrokken waren. De resultaten laten zien dat online adverteren de offline verkoop kan verhogen tot 12.5 procent.

The study was conducted between November 2003 and January this year, looking at consumer packaged-goods brands, and found that sales lifted by between 7% and 12.5% when advertised online.

It also showed that online advertising increases key brand attributes by between five and seven points and purchase intent by three to seven points.

One of the aims of the study was to develop a model for the optimum use of off- and online media. It concluded that online advertising should account for at least 5% of a total marketing budget, potentially more depending on the objectives of the campaign.

Todd Manion, director of e-business at Nestle Brands Company, said: “This study answers one of the most important questions top of mind with today’s marketers: how to determine the best mix of online media with other traditional media to get the best return on investment.” He added: “We participated in this study with MSN to help provide the accountability needed to establish the value of online advertising among the more traditional forms of media.” Nestle, Kraft and Procter & Gamble each submitted brands and campaigns for evaluation as part of the project, using a research method developed by research firm Marketing Evolution and supported by the Advertising Research Foundation and the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Participants in the study were shown advertising for specific brands, while a control group watched what Microsoft described as “placebo” ads. Their purchases were then tracked to see if advertising resulted in product purchases. The levels of the test group were compared with a control group to demonstrate the effectiveness, and then compared with traditional marketing mix models to define the optimal media mix for each brand.

Rex Briggs, managing partner at Marketing Evolution, said: “This study creates a media-neutral, gold-standard measurement standard that the industry can apply to improve the performance of its overall marketing investment.


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