Nieuwe versie KartOO

21 november 2003, 06:43

KartOO, de visueel georienteerde meta search engine, heeft opnieuw een nieuw jasje gekregen. Als fan vanaf het eerste uur blijf ik het schitterend vinden wat Laurent and Nicolas Baleydier maken.

KartOO SA, world leader in visual interface search tools, has announced the official launch of the new version of its internet search tool. After earning the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of users each month, KartOO is offering a new version, which benefits from major technological advances and providing three truly innovative functions:

1) Personalisation of results according to your interests and previous searches

2) An innovative and intuitive information management system: the Kapitaliser, for which KartOO SA has lodged a patent application.

3) A high performance and easy to use monitoring system

The Kapitaliser: when activated, this system memorises the search words, the sites visited and the requests which were successful. This personalises the results for subsequent searches according to the profile of the user?s interests.

The user has permanent access to this history, which enables him or her to easily find the sites found by previous searches.

This revolutionary function will above all enable the user to capitalise on the information he considers interesting by simply ?adding / removing? them from an integrated favourites manager (file tree where each branch corresponds to a thematic favourites map). This capitalisation is accompanied by the automatic creation of a description of the site to which the user can add comments and notes. The favourites maps and their associated description files can be sent easily by mail (information sharing).

KartOO Watch: This is a monitoring system which provides alerts when:

– new sites appear which relate to your interests

– key words are used in a web site (brand or product names or simply key words)

– a web page is altered or updated

KartOO Watch then sends a message by e-mail and shows all the changes on the thematic maps: the user can monitor changes at a glance.

Laurent Baleydier, the creator of this next generation search tool, gave his testimonial:

?A new generation of search engines is about to be born: intelligent tools with a memory, capable of using your experience and enriching it to offer you more and more relevant results.?

About KartOO SA:

Founded in 2001, KARTOO SA is a French company which produces specialist software in the fields of information retrieval, knowledge management (KM), monitoring and visual interfaces. KARTOO SA was founded by Laurent and Nicolas BALEYDIER after an extensive R&D programme starting in 1998 seeking to create an up to date algorithm to generate cartographic interfaces, operating in real time and which could be adapted to the constraints imposed by time and machine resources for high traffic applications. For 2004, KartOO is planning to develop the international distribution of its software by direct sales and above all through partners with a presence in various local markets (consultancies, integration specialists, software distributors, etc.). In particular, KartOO has an information search and visual representation technology which can be adapted to all kinds of sources (web portals, databases, file servers, ERP, electronic document management and KM solutions). KartOO SA provides software and specific dedicated solutions for major clients as well as other products designed specifically for SME or the general public (subscription to a monitoring software package available in ASP, for example).

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    Joost Boers

    Kartoo is niet direct nieuw, niet altijd zo doeltreffend als Google maar wel een vernieuwende manier van zoeken, zeker als je niet helemaal zeker bent van wat je zoekt. Door de structuur kun je gemakkelijk gedachten en richtingen kanaliseren.

    11 mei 2009 om 18:14

Marketingfacts. Elke dag vers. Mis niks!