Meest innovatieve zoekmachine?

13 januari 2004, 09:40


Meest innovatieve zoekmachines in 2003:

Rank Company name Number of search patents
1 Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA


2 Google, Inc., Mountain View, CA


3 Yahoo! Inc., Santa Clara, CA


4 AltaVista Company, Palo Alto, CA


4 Inktomi Corporation, Foster City, CA


4 Overture Services, Inc., Pasadena, CA


4 Lycos, Inc., Waltham, MA


Hieronder de betreffende patenten:

Company Patent no. Title
AltaVista 6,598,051 Web page connectivity server
Google 6,526,440 Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity
Google 6,529,903 Methods and apparatus for using a modified index to provide search results in response to an ambiguous search query

Google 6,615,209 Detecting query-specific duplicate documents

Google 6,658,423 Detecting duplicate and near-duplicate files

Inktomi 6,564,208 Delivering non-default items in association with search results

Lycos 6,640,218 Estimating the usefulness of an item in a collection of information

Microsoft 6,513,031 System for improving search area selection

Microsoft 6,519,587 Database query system and method
Microsoft 6,523,021 Business directory search engine
Microsoft 6,525,748 Method for downloading a sitemap from a server computer to a client computer in a web environment
Microsoft 6,553,372 Natural language information retrieval system
Microsoft 6,556,983 Methods and apparatus for finding semantic information, such as usage logs, similar to a query using a pattern lattice data space

Microsoft 6,584,480 Structured documents in a publishing system

Microsoft 6,594,682 Client-side system for scheduling delivery of web content and locally managing the web content

Microsoft 6,601,059 Computerized searching tool with spellchecking

Microsoft 6,615,237 Automatic searching for data in a network

Microsoft 6,639,610 Method and apparatus for assigning URLs to graphical objects in a web page

Overture 6,665,837 Method for identifying related pages in a hyperlinked database

Yahoo 6,553,364 Information retrieval from hierarchical compound documents

Yahoo 6,631,372 Search engine using sales and revenue to weight search results

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