Linkjes ruilen?

16 december 2004, 11:09

I represent a group of quality high ranking websites. I’d like to link

to with 5 of my sites and I’d like you to link to 5 of

mine, although different ones. All of mine will be PR 5/6, I hope you can

offer similar value.

If you are interested, visit the following URL.

Register and your links will appear almost immediately. I’ll give you

24 hours to link back to me from a PR 5+ page before I pull them down.

Nice working with you…


Marco Derksen
Partner bij Upstream

Oprichter/partner Upstream, Marketingfacts, Arnhem Direct, SportNext, TravelNext, RvT VPRO, Bestuur Luxor Live, social business, onderwijs, fotografie en vader!


Marketingfacts. Elke dag vers. Mis niks!