Google’s PageRank Calculator

23 augustus 2003, 09:34

Heb het nog niet in detail bestudeerd maar deze calculator ziet er indrukwekkend uit.

Nog meer handige en leuke Google links (via MEC):


PageRank Calculator **

Google Toolbar ****

3D Google Link Analyzer ***

Monitors the Google Datacenters for Updates and Enables You to “Watch” the Update as it Happens: **

Googlebar for Mozilla/Linux: ***

Google Resource Library: ***


The Vaunted PigeonRank System. (This is hilarious.) ****

Google Compute: Make a Contribution to Science by Enabling Google Toolbar Users to Donate Idle Computer Time to Worthwhile Causes. **

Creating a Search Engine-Friendly Site: ***

Coping with GDS, The Google Dance Syndrome: ***

Why Google Hacks is a Bestseller: **


Is Aggressive Linking the Only Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Need? **

131 Legitimate Linking Strategies: ****

The Road to Link Popularity: **

Search Engine Link Popularity: *

Winners Don’t Take All: Characterizing the Competition for Links on the Web: ***

Using Google to Identify High-Quality Link Targets: **

How Important Are Reciprocal Links? **

Redirect Affiliate Links (i.e. Commission Junction) Will Not Gain You PageRank. *

Link Popularity Check: **

Link Popularity Check: **


SearchKing set up an affiliate system designed to basically “sell PageRank” via interlinking websites. Google stomped on it and penalized the sites involved, though there is debate as to if they were actually violating any of Google’s guidelines. SearchKing sued Google.

Good Explanation of What Happened by Jill Whalen ****

SearchKing Preliminary Injunction Denied *

Final Ruling *

Ratings (Competitive Comparisons)

Nielsen Ratings – Search Engines ****

What Search Engine Powers Who?: ****

Searches Per Day: ***

Google beats its largest competitor, Overture, by 87 million searches per DAY.

Search Engine Showdown (Comparison Data): ****

Company (from Google)

Google Corporate Overview: ***

Papers Written by Google Employees: ***

“GoogleGuy Says” – Weblog Quoting Google’s Representative on Webmasterworld Forums: ***

Official Google Zeitgeist (top 10) Search Patterns and Trends Report: ****

Google Press Archives **

Google News Service (Beta): ***

Bringing Order to the Web (PDF): **


Stanford Thesis Paper from Google’s Founders: **

What Qualifies as Search Engine Spam? ***

Advice from Google for Webmasters in Choosing a SEO ****

(For more help, contact: [email][/email])

Efficient Crawling Through URL Ordering: **

How Does Google Rank Pages? ****

PageRank Explained Documents: ****

A Survey of Google PageRank **

The Handy Dandy Google PageRank Figurin’ Guide: ***

The Second Eigenvalue of the Google Matrix (Analytical Peek at Some of the Core Components of Google’s Famous PageRank Algorithm) *

Google PageRank Explained, Defined, Best Reference Resources: ****

The Weight of Google PageRank in Ranking: ****

Quick To-Do List Concerning PageRank: **

Google Do’s: ***

Google Don’ts: ****

Ranking High at Google: ***

Very Simplistic Do’s and Don’ts: **

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