Google the No. 1 search site in the world according to

17 november 2002, 18:53

image recently reported that Google?s global usage share continues to rise and that Google’s search site is the number one in the world. Google?s global usage share has reached an all time high and has risen from 53.2 percent to 55.1 percent. Google’s global usage share has increased 1.9 percent the last 2 months . Yahoo’s global usage share remains stable. The second largest search engine on the web has a global usage share of 20.6 percent (October 14, 2002).

?Search engines like Google can drive a lot of traffic to a website. Our software is the ultimate solution to measure traffic from search engines to a website. Each website owner can analyse what kind of search engines & keywords the visitors use to find a website,? said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of

The 7 largest search engines on the web are:

1. Google 55.1% +1.9%

2. Yahoo 20.6% +0.2

3. MSN Search 9.4% +0.3

4. AOL Search 3.5% +0.6%

5. Terra Lycos 3.0% -0.7%

6. Altavista 2.4% -0.4%

7. Ixquick 1.7% -0.5%

All numbers are an average of the last 2 months.


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    Benefits of Advertising on Google

    Low cost-per-customer acquisition.

    High conversion rates.

    Search is the best way to advertise online -NPD Group Jan. 2001

    More online purchases originate from search listings than any other source. -NPD Group

    Search engines, portals and online communities attract 92% of the Web population (95 million users or 1 out of every 3 Americans). -Nielsen/NetRatings June 2001

    Large targeted and engaged audience

    Google is the largest and most trusted search engine on the web. With an index of more than 3 billion web pages and the industry’s most advanced search technology, Google delivers the fastest and easiest way to find relevant information on the Internet. Traffic growth has been strong and steady since Google was launched three years ago, so your ads are always reaching new customers.

    One-to-one text messaging; image free pages

    Google makes it easy to create ads that refer directly to the keyword searched for, which dramatically increases clickthrough rates.

    No images appear on Google result pages, so ads stand out.

    Global reach

    – 36.5 million global unique users a month.

    – 24.4% online reach.

    – 150+ million searches per day.

    Proven business results

    The vast majority of Google advertisers renew.

    Clickthrough rates have averaged 5 times the industry standard.

    Google ranked #1

    In a comprehensive research study conducted by NPD Online Research, Google placed first overall among 18 search and portal sites for relevant results and user satisfaction. The Google users studied awarded Google the highest ratings in seven out of nine relevancy and user satisfaction categories. A total of 18 sites were represented in the survey, of which Google was first with the highest percentage of users who were “very satisfied”; 92 percent of its users profiled identifying Google as being much or somewhat better than any other site; 96 percent of its users finding what they are searching for all or most of the time; and 95 percent of its users indicating that they would recommend Google to a friend.

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