Driekwart van de tieners en jong-volwassenen zoekt op internet naar gezondheidsinformatie

24 november 2004, 10:54

Jongeren gaan via internet op zoek naar informatie over gezondheid. Er wordt hier ook gezocht naar informatie over depressie, geboortecontrole en SOA’s. Internet zou een handig alternatief kunnen zijn om over gevoelige schaamtevolle onderwerpen te praten.


Nando Times:

Three-quarters of teenagers and young adults online have used the Internet to research health information, including details on sensitive topics such as depression, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. Results suggest the Internet could be a valuable alternative for those who are uncomfortable talking to their parents or doctors about sensitive topics. “The Internet is empowering young people,” said Vicky Rideout of the Kaiser Family Foundation. “Right there, at the click of a finger, without anybody knowing about it, they can find this whole wealth of information.” However, Rideout added that teenagers and young adults need to be educated on how to evaluate the information they find and how to identify differences between advertising and medical expertise.The study found that 90 percent of teenagers and young adults ages 15-24 have used the Internet, and nearly half of them go online at least once a day. Among those who have checked health information, 44 percent have researched topics related to pregnancy, birth control, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.



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