Copernic neemt Google niet meer mee

11 april 2003, 04:40

Google blijkt plotseling als zoekengine uit Copernic Agent Personal gehaald te zijn. Copernic is inmiddels wel in onderhandeling met Google om deze weer te mogen gebruiken. Ben benieuwd, zonder Google is Copernic toch een stuk minder interessant.

Reactie van Copernic:


Normally you can query Google with Copernic but we had to disable temporarily all Google search engines for technical reasons. This explains why Google no longer appears in any of our categories. Google will be disabled for a certain period of time. Even though it will be re-enabled for sure it is unfortunately impossible for us to predict when Google will be re-enabled. Hence, we are keeping your e-mail address and will notify you as soon as the situation is resolved.

Meanwhile I invite you to update your search engines and to use the AOL Search engine (Tools / Check for search engines update). It will give you great results.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause you. We thank you for your understanding.



Suzanne Julien

Customer Service Representative


Marco Derksen
Partner bij Upstream

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