Adidas beweert 5 miljoen online views in twee weken te hebben gehad

4 mei 2004, 13:58


As Adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing” TV ad provoked praise and criticism, the online portion of the fantasy bout between Muhammad Ali and his daughter Laila was quietly becoming Internet phenomenon for the sports apparel marketer.

5 million viewings

The company said that not only did the two-week placements of a streaming media video ad, which was identical to the TV ad, prompt 5 million streams—or viewings—of the commercial, it also created heightened brand awareness among the 12- to 24-year-old consumers Adidas most wanted to reach. In addition to TV, the offline elements of the campaign included billboards and print inserts, and appeared during the same two weeks in February.

Tara Moss, Internet business developer for Adidas said that in the overall effort, “we were trying to reach that teen audience that is dedicated to sports. Their performance apparel and footwear is really necessary to them in their daily lives.”

Five million streams for one ad is an excellent response, according to analysts.

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Raymond ten Barge
Senior Online Marketeer bij ACSI Publishing


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