A Gaggle of Google Games

31 maart 2003, 04:28

Terwijl miljoenen bezoekers Google gewoon gebruiken waarvoor het bedoeld is, zijn er een paar die er helemaal door geobsedeerd zijn. Vanaf 1999 houden ze zich bezig met het ontwikkelen van op Google gebaseerde games en andere Google rariteiten.

Googlewhack Find two words which, when combined in a Google query, deliver one and only one result. googlewhack.com claims that it has recorded 120,000 whacks since January 2002. Among recent entries to its “Whack Stack” are prevarication pileups and hiccupping flubber. ( A Fast Company original: defamatory meerkats. )

Googlebomb Geek terrorism. Taking advantage of a Google loophole, Googlebombers gang up to mass-hyperlink a target page with a specific ( usually derogatory ) phrase. Google picks up on the links, even if the phrase isn’t on the page itself. The legendary first, incited by Adam Mathes in April 2001, tagged Mathes’s friend Andy Pressman’s site with the words “talentless hack.” For a while, it stuck.

Googleshare The invention of blogger Steven Berlin Johnson. Search Google for one word. Then search those results for the name of a person. Divide the number of results delivered for your second search by those from the first to get that person’s “semantic mindshare” of the word.

Googlism Type in your name, someone else’s name, or a date, place, or thing at googlism.com The application, written by a team at Domain Active in Australia, uses Google to deliver Web-based definitions of your phrase. Bill Gates, for example, is “the anti-Christ,” “a thief,” “a hero,” and “a wanker.”

Google Smackdown Two queries. One search engine. A “terabyte tug-of-war,” as its creator, Paul Bausch, calls it. Just plug in two competing words or phrases at onfocus.com and see which delivers more Google results. ( Google, with 17.5 million, suffers a rare embarrassment at the hands of God, with 42.6 million. )



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