Hoera voor online Advertising: ‘I Am the Long Tail’ van IAB

25 maart 2009, 06:12

Een zeven minuten durende video waarin de loftrompet wordt gestoken over online advertising. Georkestreerd door het IAB (YouTube), getiteld I Am The Long Tail. Chris Anderson blogt erover op The Long Tail blog: ‘This is really cool, and one of the things I like best about it is that they didn’t feel the need to link to me, mention the book or even link to the Wikipedia entry. The Long Tail is now just part of the parlance—no more needing a credit than an invocation of the Tipping Point requires a link to Malcolm Gladwell. Which is as it should be.’ Het IAB (Randall Rothenberg) legt uit:

“Analysts estimate there are as many as 1.2 million Web sites that support themselves by selling advertising, through their own sales forces or ad networks. Most of them constitute the vaunted “long tail”—small sites serving the refined interests of niche audiences, whose existence is premised on the Internet’s near-barrierless opportunity to create and distribute content. But the term “long tail,” based as it is on such abstruse mathematical concepts as Pareto’s law, can seem bloodless. It hardly does justice to the countless lives made better because of the ad-supported Internet.”

Het ad-supported internet maakt je leven mooier. Eigenlijk, zegt Anderson, is het niet het IAB dat dit filmpje heeft gemaakt, maar is The Long Tail zélf verantwoordelijk voor de productie en het bestaansrecht. Ik vind het wel inspirerend, eigenlijk.

“The IAB wants advertisers to understand that small publishers are a foundation of their businesses—that you’re a vital channel to reach the American consumer. We also want policymakers and regulators in Washington and our state capitals to recognize that small digital publishers are critical to American economic growth, nationally, and in every Congressional district.”

Van april 2007 tot juni 2011 was ik freelance editor/ communitymanager / hoofdredacteur bij Marketingfacts. Tussendoor werkte ik bij Insites Consulting, IDG Nederland, Saatchi&Saatchi;/Leo Burnett (voor Samsung) en voor onderzoeksbureau WUA. Vanaf 1 november 2021 vorm ik samen met Luuk Ros de hoofdredactie van Marketingfacts.


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    Leuk gedaan, zouden ze bij IAB Nederland ook moeten doen! 😉

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Marketingfacts. Elke dag vers. Mis niks!