Nieuwe 10 Minuten podcast over Connected Products

22 augustus 2008, 08:30

10 Minuten :: Innovation Graveyard‘CONNECT AND GROW RICH’. In de nieuwe 10 minuten podcast spreken Jeroen de Bakker en Dirk Johan Klanker over producten die gekoppeld zijn aan de virtuele wereld. Ze gaan in op hoe je hiermee toegevoegde waarde voor merkadverteerders kunt creëren en dus succesvol, rijk en beroemd kunt worden ;-).

Beluister hier de 10 Minuten: Connected Products podcast. Aan de orde komen voorbeelden als Nike Plus, Mini’s RFID en noviteiten van Dole bananen, Look-o-Look & Barbie. Er wordt in deze uitzending zelfs antwoord geven op de vraag hoe de pianoleraar van Dirk Johan morgen aan de slag kan met dit boeiende fenomeen.

Eerdere uitzendingen van de 10 Minuten podcast zijn:

I am a brand lover and marketing pioneer, at the nexus of creativity, business transformation and technology. For 20 years, I advised top-tier European companies on branding, disruptive business planning, go-to-market, growth strategy, PR, e-commerce, technology and startup culture. I co-founded and managed several upstarts and actively contribute to the rise of startups as an angel investor in tomorrow's economy. My last job was managing director Product & Growth audio at Talpa Network. Currently I combine a my role as managing partner of audio agency Airborne with being a board advisor at several innovative and creative companies. I started my career in advertising and in 1997 I co-founded Qi, the most successful digital branding agency in the Netherlands at the time. After 7 years we sold the company and I became managing director and director strategy & innovation at TBWA\​ Amsterdam. In 2010 I launched Lab1111, a creative company that develops digital communication products. One of our innovative initiatives became a separate company funded by SHIFT Invest, an impact investment company initiated by Rabobank, the World Wide Fund for Nature, Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research Centre and Menzis. Over the years I have received numerous awards for creativity, innovation and effectiveness for international clients. In 2013 and 2019 I was mentioned as one of the best marketeers in the Netherlands, while in 2010, I received a Coq d'Honneur award from the Society of Advertising for my continuous efforts in spreading the digital word.


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