Piper Internet Research: The User Revolution

28 februari 2007, 11:13

Piper Internet Research: The User Revolution

Het Internet Media and Marketing Research team van de Amerikaanse investeringsbank Piper Jaffray heeft afgelopen week het rapport “The User Revolution: The New Advertising Ecosystem and The Rise of the Internet as a Mass Medium” (425 pagina’s!) gepubliceerd. Voor de reguliere bezoeker van Marketingfacts weinig nieuws maar toch goed om alles nog eens op een rijtje te zien:

  1. We expect global online advertising revenue to reach $81.1 billion by 2011, representing a 21% CAGR (2006-2011).
  2. The User Revolution. The advertising world is going through a revolution, one that we call the “User Revolution” as it is happening primarily with the consumers, who are taking control of content consumption and branding. We believe this trend will cause a significant rise in prominence of the Internet as a major content consumption and marketing medium.
  3. Communitainment. The Internet has increasingly become a principal medium for community, communication, and entertainment—three areas that have collided together and are impacting each other’s growth—generating a new type of activity that we call communitainment.
  4. The Internet Is Mainstream. The Internet has become a mainstream media outlet that now rivals traditional media for reach and advertising dollars.
  5. Media Fragmentation. The proliferation of online and offline media outlets has resulted in shrinking television audiences and an increasingly fragmented media landscape.
  6. The Golden Search. We believe search continues to gain ground, driven by the rise of search as the New Portal, the increasing use of search in branding campaigns, and the local search opportunity.
  7. We believe Google‘s wide variety of non-search-related products creates a virtuous cycle of brand affinity that drives incremental search volume.
  8. Video Ads Could Drive The Next Wave. We believe Internet video ads could become a game changer for large brand advertisers, who are used to the 15- or 30-second TV commercial
  9. Internet Usage Patterns Are Changing. Portals maintain the highest reach, but the fastest growing category of destinations is communitainment sites such as MySpace and Facebook.
  10. Ad networks are experiencing increased demand due to increasing Internet fragmentation, desire for more targeted inventory, increasing usage of networks for branding, and increased site visibility.
  11. Agencies are rapidly evolving into more sophisticated, technology-savvy entities that combine best of breed offerings.
  12. Companies to watch: Google (and YouTube), Yahoo!, Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Microsoft, InterActive, Facebook, Craigslist, Brightcove, Yelp, SINA Corp., Baidu, aQuantive, ValueClick, 24/7 Media, Netflix, Wikipedia, MobiTV, Digg, and Hakia to be the most important players to watch.


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    En dat rapport wordt ter download aangeboden voor geregistreerde MF’ers?

    28 februari 2007 om 14:30

    @Bram, Rick: ik heb het rapport als media gratis ontvangen maar met vriendelijk verzoek om het niet online te zetten. Blijkbaar houdt niet iedereen zich hieraan dus ik zou zeggen volg de link die Rick hierboven heeft opgenomen!

    @Rick: verbaasd me niets, dat was namelijk ook de tekst uit het bericht dat ik heb ontvangen (en waarschijnlijk ook anderen) 😉

    28 februari 2007 om 14:42

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