Ideetje stelen?

22 februari 2007, 20:00

In de alles overweldigende stortvloed van amateurfilmpjes op YouTube en cornuiten kom je zo nu en dan ware pareltjes tegen. En dan is de verleiding best groot om daar ook maar eens wat mee te doen. Maar pas op: voor je het weet ben je dan ideeën aan het stelen, in plaats van jezelf te laten inspireren. En stelen van je consument, da’s dus écht not done

How are we as creatives supposed to treat this unbranded “user-generated content?” Is it off limits? Should we pay the original makers for their idea, and if so, how much? Or can we simply reference the original idea with a head nod. I think the smart agencies are the ones that solicit the help of dudes who originally came up with the idea and posted it. Perhaps this mysterious Mozart roller blader could have been behind the wheel of the Audi S3.

Little John van advertising for peanuts is benieuwd naar onze mening:

The point is, as an industry we need to think about proper protocol when it comes to the usability of ideas and inspiration found on these video uploading sites. We need to hold each other accountable. Because once we start stealing ideas from our consumers they are going to hate us much more than they ever did for interrupting their TV time. Your thoughts?

Carl Mangold
Video Advertising & Content Producer bij Carl Mangold

Carl Mangold produceert video advertising en -content voor online marketing, van concept tot en met oplevering. Én realiseert en optimaliseert het bereik ervan, op basis van in overleg gedefinieerde KPI's. “People around the world are now watching hours of Youtube’s incredible content every single day!” (Cristos Goodrow, Youtube) “We move towards a world where video is at the heart of all our services” (Mark Zuckerberg, 27 juli 2016) “Video is where all of media is headed right now. There is no more valuable piece of property or entity then video in the world of media at all.” (Casey Neistat, 6 sept. 2016)


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