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13 januari 2007, 13:54

The five distinct segments of users differ by attitudes and behaviors, as well as by gender, age, income and other factors:

1. The Content King™ Content Kings value entertainment. By deciding when, where and how to access entertainment, Content Kings create their own entertainment experiences from a spectrum of established and user generated content sources. 76% regularly play games online 75% visit websites for personal reasons, spending more than 2.5 hours on a typical weekday.

2. The Social Clicker™ Social Clickers particularly value communications. The group relies on the Internet to maintain relationships with friends and family, as well as to seek out new ones. Younger Social Clickers are a powerful force within online communities (e.g., MySpace, Classmates) and capable of swaying opinion surrounding topics of interest to them. 78% contribute to Internet content or information in a typical month This group spends 57% of their time going online for communications versus going online 10% of their time for news/information and 8% on shopping.

3. The Online Insider™ Online Insiders value every aspect of the web with equal enthusiasm and see the Internet as a rich personal and cultural phenomenon. Exhibiting characteristics similar to those of early adopters, Online Insiders are most likely to be receptive to groundbreaking online products and services. 86% of Online Insiders contribute to Internet content or information in a typical month via blogs, community sites, rating sites, chat rooms, etc. This group spends over $130 a month shopping online.

4. The Fast Tracker™ Fast Trackers particularly value news and information, including news, sports, and weather. This segment is particularly loyal to sources that provide frequent updates and real-time information. 77% regularly read news online 65% regularly look for maps, directions, public transportation information.

5. The Everyday Pro™ Everyday Pros value personal productivity and incorporates the efficiency of the Internet into executing their daily tasks. Everyday Pros are smart, and motivated to adopt the more complex tools that will make their lives easier and more efficient in the long run. 84% regularly bank online 68% regularly shop online.

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