The alchemist

21 december 2006, 08:48

While so much of the ad industry rests on the art of brand and client maintenance, The One Club’s new film, The Alchemist, features five of advertising’s greatest legends who said f*ck-it to conventions and created communications which revolutionized our culture.

Directed by Doug Pray—famous for turntablism documentary, SCRATCH—the film stars Lee Clow, Hal Riney, Dan Wieden, Phillis Robinson, and George Lois. Who knew that Dan Wieden was inspired by the last words of an executed murderer to come up with “Just do it?”

But according to The One Club, it “is not a historical documentary or a tribute, and it’s not an analysis of the perils of consumerism and thought-control. It is a film about creative rebellion, and how all-powerful art springs forth from deeply personal, psychological sources and the need for change… even in advertising.”

Can’t wait for this one. Watch the trailer here.

What are our readers thoughts and who are advertising’s current legends in the making? Who are the people challenging mediocrity and the status quo today?

Erik van Roekel
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