25 procent zoekresultaten bestaat uit User Generated Content

16 december 2006, 11:15

More than 25 percent of search results on Google for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to consumer generated content, according to research released by Nielsen BuzzMetrics at the Word of Mouth Marketing Summit & Research Symposium this week.

Max Kalehoff, BuzzMetrics’s vp of marketing, points to the research as proof of the fact that consumer-generated media is a fast-growing part of the online conversation, and says that search is the connective tissue between information seekers and information publishers, writes MediaPost.

Companies would do well to tune in to the “conversations” of consumers online to gain consumer insight.

Interestingly, Maxine Friedman of research and consulting firm Brandimensions believes Google is not the best search engine to use for this type of research. She suggests Linkmap, which provides a system of links in and out of specific blogs.




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