The Barbarians land on mobile phones

21 maart 2004, 18:23


The combination tv + mobile is one of the most attractive to marketers. Usually it has been approached using tv programs driving people to interact wireless, this time the situation works the otherway around. The History Channel is running a mobile marketing campaign to build awareness and loyalty to a new tv program, The Barbarians.

The campaign has been enabled by Enpocket which targeted a profiled list of opt-in 25-54 year old men with a text message that was delivered to their mobile phones the evening before the show.

40% van SMS-ontvangers bekeek The History Channel

18% van SMS-ontvangers bekeek het programma Barbarians op The History Channel

88% van SMS-ontvangers heeft bericht gelezen

12% van SMS-ontvangers heeft bericht doorgestuurd (viral marketing effect)

Doelgroep geselekteerd op basis van opt-in lijst (met profielgegevens) van mannen in de leeftijdsgroep 25-54 jaar

SMS verstuurd avond voor uitzending programma

SMS-bericht bestond uit creatieve teaser gerelateerd aan programma Barbarians

Campagne uitgevoerd door Enpocket (o.a. werkzaam voor Endemol)

?We are now seeing the integrated use of TV & mobile in the US reach millions of consumers each week. Over the coming months viewer-centric television networks like The History Channel will begin to build mobile databases so that they can touch their audience when they are in front of the TV and whilst they are away from it. Our work with television networks has proven that timely delivery of mobile messages brings very impressive returns,? said Jonathan Linner, CEO, Enpocket.

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