Over 1 million players for Nokia Game

3 december 2003, 15:11


Nokia Game 2003 is a 10-day, interactive online adventure that began on November 19 in 10 languages across 35 countries. Competitors squared off in six separate games, being rewarded for speed, skill, dexterity and teamwork. The finals lasted 24 hours, with the best gamers competing for the latest in mobile gaming, N-Gage game decks.

Gamers joined “Flo”, the protagonist of Nokia Game 2003, in her attempt to overcome the “AnyOne Clan”. Competitors received points for their speed and dexterity through time trials and problem solving, but were also rewarded by connecting with other players and employing a multi-player team strategy. Winners in each country will receive an N-Gage game deck.

” We clearly made a connection with the growing number of gamers who want to be able to play not only against their friends and strangers, but also with them” said Pekka Rantala, Vice President, Marketing Services, Nokia Mobile Phones.

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