Online Product Research in Europa

8 april 2003, 10:34

AOL/RoperASW recently reported that 73% of Net users in Europe either occasionally or regularly go online to research products. Yankee Group estimates that nearly 50% of Net users under the age of 55 have gone online for the same purpose.

According to the Cyberstudy on E-Commerce from America Online and RoperASW, at the end of 2002, 73% of Europeans said they regularly or occasionally went online to research products and services. AOL and Roper found that 53% of respondents conducted some online research for airline tickets and/or hotel reservations that they later purchased. Similarly, 37% of event ticket purchasers, 36% of electronic equipment purchasers and 36% of wireless service plan buyers did some research online before buying the relevant product.


AOL and Roper surveyed 500 people in France and the UK and 504 in Germany between 1 October and 24 November 2002. The study also determined that 20% of Europeans said they spent over $500 online within the past three months, up from just 13% who had said the same when the study was conducted one year before. On average, Europeans spent EUR 430 in a past three-month period at the end of 2002, compared to an average of EUR 543 spent by their counterparts in the US.

Bron: Emarketer 8 april 2003.


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