Online Banking Opportunities

14 juli 2003, 06:47

Volgens een ForeSee Results onderzoek onder 847 gebruikers, maakt 49% van de respondenten gebruik van online banking en betaald ook online de rekeningen.

The survey determined that a mere 19% of respondents are paying bills online.


ForeSee and make the point to banks that if just 19% of the affluent audience is paying bills online, there is much room for growth and opportunity. The study determines that over one-half of respondents who bank online and pay bills online visit their online banking site daily, but just 27% of those who only bank online visit their banks? site each day. ForeSee and Forbes mention that daily bank site visitors represent an important audience, as they can be frequently addressed.


ForeSee and Forbes also note that educating the consumer can work wonders. The study found that 27% of online banking prospects cite privacy and security concerns as the reason why they are not using such services online. Indeed TowerGroup recently reported that concern with security online is the reason cited by most US online households for not banking online.



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