New tool will evaluate impact of online sponsorships

17 april 2004, 14:42

A new tool is claiming to measure the effectiveness of online sponsorship initiatives, including sweepstakes, events, interactive games, branded microsites and editorial content.

Known as AdIndex Sponsorship, the tool has been created by Dynamic Logic and claims to help marketers evaluate whether the sponsorship successfully links the cause, activity or content to the brand.

It also measures whether sponsorship increases brand favourability among the target audience, and the influence on their intent to purchase or engage in a particular activity.

Pete Robins, media director of Media.Com, said: “Stating the obvious, there’s an increasing need for agencies and advertisers to properly evaluate all their media. “Non-direct digital activity will become more prevalent, and Dynamic Logic’s AdIndex Sponsorship offering can only help us deliver best practice media.”

The new tool will isolate the effects of sponsorship from other activity, such as online and offline media and public relations.

Suzanne Moorey-Denham, managing director of Dynamic Logic Europe, said that it would help advertisers see the distinct appeal of sponsorships, which she says can create a positive ‘halo effect’ surrounding a brand by forging a link between it and the sponsored event, editorial section or activity.

“The desired effect of a sponsorship is for consumers to evaluate the brand more highly because of its connection to the sponsored initiative. Using AdIndex Sponsorship, advertisers are able to address the unique aspects of sponsorships by assessing the consumer experience to see if, in fact, a positive connection was made,” she said.

Dynamic Logic is an independent research company and owns the AdIndex product, which assesses the effectiveness of online advertising.


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