Internet belangrijkste nieuwsbron

9 januari 2003, 09:47

Tijdens werk is Internet veruit de belangrijkste nieuwsbron volgens een recent onderzoek van commissioned Market First to survey 351 internet news users in October 2002 and reports that 35% say they refer to the internet first and foremost at work for the latest news. This total compares to just 25% who say they refer to newspapers first and just 21% who turn to magazines at work.

Specifically for national news, the MSNBC survey determined that 37% of respondents go online for such news, whereas just 25% turn to cable television and 25% turn to broadcast news. It is important to note that all survey respondents were internet users who were also qualified as news (on- or offline) users. Additionally, reading news online can easily be disguised as work, whereas it is a bit more difficult if one is reading a newspaper or watching TV.


Marco Derksen
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