Future trends in wireless industries

5 januari 2003, 21:53

Volgens het Duitse Ad Publica Relations is WLAN de belangrijkste trend op het gebied van wireless toepassingen. WLAN wordt gevolgd door resp. MMS, Mobile Java, Bluetooth, E-mail en UMTS.

According to German based Ad Publica Relations the following future trends in wireless will be the most important ones:

1. WLAN (wireless LAN, aka Wi-Fi) : 47.1 %

2. MMS : 29.4 %

3. Mobile Java : 28.5 %

4. Bluetooth : 17.6 %

5. E-Mail : 17.6 %

6. UMTS : 17.6 %

Conclusion: contrary to what hardware vendors want cellular network operators to think, the UMTS (European name for “3G”) is not the most important future trend and there are bad perspectives for this technology.

We advice people not to jump on 3G/UMTS bandwagon unless some really qualitative changes are resulting from it (like video telephony) because quantitative changes (like faster transmission speeds) do not justify this switch. Example: Nokia 6650 cellphone that can work in 3G/UMTS networks but is NOT capable of video telephony – users should not let themselves get deceived by such scam.



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