Financial Times over weblogs, wikis en webservices

21 april 2005, 04:11

Dan GillmorGisteren in de gerenommeerde krant The Financial Times een artikel van de hand van Dan Gillmor over de de verder evolutie van het web. Van Web 1.0 (read only), via Web 2.0 (read-write) naar Web 3.0 (people connecting webservices).

“We are barely a decade and a half into the existence of the web, the network of networks intertwined around our ever-smaller planet. The elemental units haven?t changed much, but the web?s functions have evolved in a dramatic way. (…) So World Wide Web 2.0 is now upon us? From my perspective, what?s happening feels more like Web 3.0 – and it?s just a hint of what?s yet to come.”

In het verhaal veel aandacht voor de belangrijke rol die weblogs, wikis en webservices spelen bij de verder doorontwikkeling van het web.

Gillmor over de betekenis van weblogs en wikis voor Web 2.0:

“The big change in the read-write sphere came about because of applications such as weblogs, the personal journals that put newer material at the top, and wikis, sites on which anyone can edit any page. Not only could people make their own sites, but they could update them easily and rapidly. Blogs have been especially important in the world of the read-write web. They are far more than the ?what I ate for breakfast? diaries of cliche; they have become a key part of a growing, complex global conversation.”

En over de rol die weblogs spelen bij de verdere doorgroei naar Web 3.0:

“A variety of web APIs (= applications programming interface), offered by companies such as Google, Yahoo! Amazon and others, is letting programmers create new kinds of applications by wiring together various functions into what are called ?web services?. E-commerce has always been a web service, but when we can mix and match from various sites, by pulling specific information from their rich databases, we are moving into an entirely new sphere. From my perspective, this gets most intriguing when people start wiring web services together to create entirely new kinds of applications. That?s what Erik Benson, a programmer and blogger, did when he created a site called ?All Consuming,? which shows what bloggers are saying about specific books.”

De integrale versie van het artikel is te lezen bij The Financial Times (proefabonnement vereist) en bij Frankwatching (zonder registratie).

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