31 maart 2003, 11:06

De laatste weken al verschillende toepassingen gezien van Ctrl-A plaatjes. Eindelijk heb ik nu ook gelezen hoe je ze zelf kunt maken.

If you’re using Internet Explorer for Windows, try loading this image and typing Ctrl-A to highlight it. Is it magic? Or EEE-VIL?! (An explanation of the trick follows.)

How to create your own super-secret images with Photoshop?

  • create a 2×2 pixel checkerboard pattern with the pencil tool

  • select the four pixels and select “Define Pattern” from the Edit menu

  • now select your foreground layer and select the whole image

  • hit “Q” to go into Quick Mask mode, and select “Fill” from the Edit menu

  • select “Pattern” from the Use dropdown

  • set Blending to 100% and click OK to fill the mask with our checkerboard

  • hit “Q” to go back to Standard Mode and hit Delete to remove every other pixel from the foreground image

  • now adjust the opacity of the background layer until it fades from sight

  • save your image as a high-quality JPEG, and you’re done.



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