Nielsen’s Screen Report Q4 2008

2 maart 2009, 06:47


‘The average American watches an all-time high of more than 151 hours of TV per month, while those who watch video on the internet consume three hours online, and those who watch video on their mobile phone or other device do so nearly four hours per month.’ Dat blijkt uit onlangs gepubliceerde cijfers van Nielsen ‘A2/M2 Three Screen Report’ (pdf, via: MC).

De gemiddelde kijktijd naar de drie schermen mobiel, televisie en pc is dus stijgende. Jongeren kijken evenveel ‘time shifted’ televisie (DVR) als online video op het web: gemiddeld 5 uur per maand. Uit het rapport:

“Viewers appear to be choosing the ‘best screen available’ for their video consumption, weighing a variety of factors, including the quality of the screen experience, convenience, availability of the video, and the ability to watch according to the consumers’ schedule. In the majority of cases, consumers choose to view video through the traditional means – live viewing of television in the home.”

‘The American fascination with television and other video content is not easing up, as consumers keep turning to TV, Internet and Mobile at record levels,’ zegt Susan Whiting van Nielsen. ‘Viewers appear to be choosing the best screen available for their video consumption, weighing a variety of factors, including convenience, quality and access. It is clear that TV remains the main vehicle for viewing video, although online and mobile platforms are an increasingly important complement to live home-based television.’

Nog een paar ‘key facts’:

  • 31 percent of Internet activity occurs when consumers are also watching television.
  • At 7 hours, 11 minutes per month, timeshifted TV is watched at double the pace as video online. But young viewers (18-24) watch video on the Internet and on a DVR at the same rate: about 5 hours per month.
  • Men continue to watch video on mobile phones more than women, and women continue to watch video on the Internet and television more than men.
  • During the fourth quarter, growth of online video was driven by events such as election coverage and the
  • SNL/Sarah Palin clips.
  • Weekdays outpaced weekends for online video viewing in October with 65% of online video viewers streaming content between 9am–5pm Monday through Friday,versus 51% of online video viewers logging on between 6am–8pm on weekends.


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