Adaptive Path’s Subject to Change

19 mei 2008, 18:54

The way most organizations think and work on products and services isn’t suited to the unpredictable world we live in. Instead, companies need new ways of thinking and working to adapt into innovative, agile, and commercially successful organizations who creates great products and services. Three authors of Adaptive Path’s new book, Subject to Change, share a handful of breakthrough ideas for succeeding in a future that you can’t predict.

This talk will be taped.

Speaker: Brandon Schauer

is an experience design director for Adaptive Path. He speaks on, writes about, and practices design as a means to create value. He has over a decade of experience developing new user experiences on the Web, desktops, and products. His passion for finding and understanding the unmet needs of customers has led him to diverse environments, from the homes of cancer patients to tunnels beneath Walt Disney World.

Brandon holds two master-level degrees from schools with the Illinois Institute of Technology, a Master of Design from the Institute of Design in Chicago and an MBA from the Stuart School of Business. Brandon also has a love of Excel that is unnatural for a designer.

Speaker: David Verba

is the Technology Advisor at Adaptive Path, and Chief Technical Officer of Emmett Labs. He was a core developer for, and provided essential technical leadership to Measure Map, a web service (now part of Google) that tracks blogs’ traffic stats.

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